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Credit unions have the ability to create over 108,000 jobs and inject $10 billion into the economy with the passage of H.R. 3380 or S. 2919; without costing the tax-payer a dime! Banks are working aggressively to halt the passage of this legislation and making outrageous claims to prevent credit unions from creating main street jobs. Banks are visting Capitol Hill with the top priority of defeating H.R. 3380 and S. 2919. Please find the documents below that explain why and how credit unions can create 108,000 new tax-payer free jobs. (all links in Adobe .pdf format)

As the Administration and Congress continue to advocate for more small business lending; several media services and publications have developed an interest in H.R. 3380 and S.2919. Below are copies of news stories regarding credit unions and business lending.

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